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Do you you want to see the REAL PRICE of your healthcare?

Right now, healthcare prices and quality information are hidden from us as patients. Together, we can demand access to REAL PRICES across the healthcare system!

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) seeks comments until Sept. 27th on proposed rules that would require hospitals to give all of us electronic access to REAL healthcare prices, quality metrics, and our own health information. Read the rules here and here.

These rules would mean no more guessing which provider has the best quality; no more surprise, exorbitant hospital bills; and no more searching for old medical records. Real price and quality transparency will drive down the costs of care and coverage for patients, their employers, and our government.

Demand Price Transparency in Healthcare:

  • Want to shop for all healthcare services (not just hospitals) in a competitive market - just like at the grocery store?

  • Want the freedom to choose the care you receive based on price and quality?

  • Want to know the real price of healthcare services, not just an average, estimate, or out-of-pocket cost?

  • Want free, real-time access to your complete electronic health information, including prices and detailed bills?

  • Want providers to be penalized for not providing access to real prices and your own health information?

Act now: Make your voice heard. Share your story with HHS by Sept. 27th to support access to electronic health information, including price and quality.